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Posted: December 2, 2019
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How to change stage in bulk

Hi All,

I'm working on a requirement where we have two stages - Activated & Deactivated cases.

The end users need to have a button that will allow them to move multiple cases from Activated to Deactivated stage and vice versa.

For the implementation we have two statuses set at the entry of each stage - Active & Deactivated.

I've set a data page sourced by a report definition that filters out the cases that are currently in Active or Deactivated stage thru a prompt in the UI.

My question is on how to set up the activity that will transfer all of the selected cases at once to the desired stage?

I've tried with the approach to iterate on the Data page's pxResults, that contains the filtered cases, use Obj-Open-By-Handle to open the case in a temporary page and call pxChangeStage to transfer the cases to the desired stage.

However in the UI neither the stage nor the status of the case is changed.

Can you confirm what should be the proper setup for such an activity?

Kind Regads,

Petar Hr.

Case Management
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