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How to choose the edition of Pega Marketing for upgrade from 8.1 to 8.4?

We have Pega Marketing 8.1 installed on Pega Platform 8.1.5. We want to upgrade Pega Marketing to 8.4. I found that there are five editions of Pega Marketing available for download:

  1. Pega Marketing – Agent Assisted Edition
  2. Pega Marketing – Paid Media Edition
  3. Pega Marketing – Owned Online Edition
  4. Pega Marketing – Owned Mobile Edition
  5. Pega Marketing – Owned Outbound Edition

Please suggest which edition of Pega Marketing 8.4 we need to download and what are the criteria for choosing one particular edition. 

Pega Marketing 8.4 Case Management Communications and Media Decisioning Consultant
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