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How to conditionally redirect to different harness of different class?

I have a harness suppose say in ORG-FW-DATA-ABC class. There are some input fields and a button in the section of this harness. On click of the button, a confirmation pop-up should appear whether the user wants to go ahead with the submission of the form. If the user clicks OK, then I need to check whether there are any errors in the form through OBJ-VALIDATE. If there are any messages in the page, I need to show the error messages in the same harness. But if there are no errors, the screen needs to be redirected to a harness in the class ORG-FW-WORK-XYZ.

This behaviour needs to be replicated in about 100 screens in the application where the target class will be the same, but the harness names will vary.

What is the best way to achieve this in a generic manner?

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