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How to configure Connect-File for AWS S3? (Pega 7.4)

Is it possible to use AWS S3 with Connect-File? I tried to set up with following DSS like File Listener, but it failed on test connection.

Owning Ruleset: Pega-Engine

Setting Purpose: storage/class/awsstore:/type
Value: aws-s3

Setting Purpose: storage/class/awsstore:/bucket
Value: mybucketname

Setting Purpose: storage/class/awsstore:/accesskeyid
Value: myaccesskeyid

Setting Purpose: storage/class/awsstore:/secretaccesskey
Value: mysecretaccesskey

Setting Purpose: storage/class/awsstore:/rootpath
Value: foldername

(I configured bucketname, accesskeyid, secretaccesskey and foldername as the actual name that I set up on S3.)

On Connect-File rule, I input "file://awsstore:/" to Destination Path. While File Listener, I input the same path to Source Location and it works (Test connectivity returns success.)

Does Connect-File support S3? If so, how to configure it? (Most probably it works if it mounts S3 with goofys, but is that the only way?)

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