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How to configure OKTA IDP settings. What value needs to be given for Default relay state URL field in OKTA?

Hi All,


we are trying to integrate our PEGA 8.4.3 system with OKTA by using SMAL 2.0 . Could some one provide details what values need to given for below fields in OKTA .

  1. Single sign on URL
  2. SP Entity ID
  3. Default Relay state
  4. Name ID Format
  5. Application username
  6. Update application username on

In of the collaboration center article we observed for Default Relay state value should be 

https://<prpc_host>/prweb/PRAuth/<AuthAlias>. is this correct configuration ?

Because in one of the conversation with PEGA engineer, confirmed that value of the default relay state field should be the value present in the application URL alias field of the PEGA application rule form. But here the "PRAUTH" is missing and we are unable to update it as it is a read only field . In this field in application rule after prweb it is coming as "APP" .

Could some one please suggest here.

The below link is the reference 

Question about RelayState in SAML authentification | Collaboration Center ( .

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