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Posted: January 1, 2017
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How to connect to JMS Provider on webMethods Universal Messaging?

We are on Pega 7.2.1 on JBoss app server.

We are integrating with an application which is on webMethods (webMethods - Wikipedia) .

The idea is Pega (acting as JMS client) to read the queues hosted on remote JMS queue using Service-JMS. webMethods team hosts a queue on a JMS Provider.

JMS Provider: webMethods Universal Messaging

Initial Context Factory: javax.jms.ConnectionFactory

Other details of JNDI Details, Queue Name, Connection factory are also shared.

  1. How to connect to this JMS Provider?
  2. What are the settings for JNDI server configuration?
  3. Any other actions to be taken care in our application server?

I didn't find any documentation on the settings of JNDI Server if the JMS provider is other than JBoss, IBM Webspher, Oracle WebLogic.

We tried to provide the initial context factory into JNDI Server and try the simple way. Attached is the error thrown during test connection.

Is this "only" due to missing class (i.e. initial context factory) in pega 7 class path?

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