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Chaminda Samarakoon (CHAMINDA123)

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Posted: July 20, 2020
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How to construct a sorted CSV based on a column

Issue here is clipboard property order is getting change at runtime and it will impact on our export to excel functionality  (since column order getting change)


We resided SR on this and they finally gave below comments


“I have discussed with our Product SME and below is the update.

Values retrieved on the clipboard and tracer internally uses HashMap. The HashMap class does not maintain the order of the elements. This means that It might not return the elements in the same order they were inserted into it.

While viewing on the clipboard it displays in an alphabetical order.

For your requirement to work you need to make changes while the CSV is constructed in step 4 of the pxConvertResultsToCSV activity. By default this cannot be sorted on any column. Hence modifications should be made in your own activity.”


As discussed this request falls outside the scope of work supported by GCS as your requirement cannot be achieved with existing OOTB functionality. 

Question on how to construct a sorted CSV based on a column should be posted as a question to the Pega Collaboration Center.  



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