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How to control the edit option of customized controls

We used to use PEGA 7.1.8, and just upgraded to PEGA 8.3.1 recently.

After the upgrade, we found some of the customized controls not working correctly.

And here is the scenario:

  • A SectionA includes another SectionB, the edit option was configured to Readonly (always).
  • SectionB includes another SectionC, while the edit option was configured to Readonly (when rule), and a WhenA rule was specified for the When rule.
  • The SectionA was included in the Review harness, and it's expected that all contents in SectionA, SectionB and SectionC should be displayed as readonly.
  • There's some chance that the WhenA could be evaluated to false.
  • It turns out OOTB controls in the SectionC was displayed as readonly, but customized controls in the SectionC was displayed as ecitable.

In the customized control, we're using $mode-input to check whether it's input mode or not:

	<pega:when test ="$mode-input">

Truns out the "Editable" is always been displayed, instead of "Readonly".

So, please help.


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