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Jayakumar Soundarajan (Jay_KS)
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Jayakumar Soundarajan
Luxoft DXC
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Posted: October 19, 2020
Last activity: November 20, 2020

How to create a Chat Bot where user can go back to old question

We are trying to implement a Self Serivce Chat Bot, we have a very complex Q&A so have created a 'Main Menu' case from where based on answers different sub-flows are called. So the Main Menu is triggered by command word 'Main Menu' and is automatically created after Welcome Message.

Now, from any sub-flow we are not able to come back to first Question (i.e. the very first basic question asked). I tried using flow to end the sub-flow with some status set and used the status to go back to first questions. Flow wise it is working but system somehow automatically picks the old answer provided before and jumps to old path taken (and continues for 2nd question as well) so flow is looping

As an alternative, tried handling as 'Create Case' command but it is creating a case everytime the option is selected so I am loosing all the data entered for previous question


Is there any smart way to go back to Main menu?

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Pega Customer Service 8.3 Case Management Conversational Channels