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How to create custom control like pxTextInput that can display error message below text box?


I've created a custom control like pxTextInput to disable paste as below.


<pega:choose> <pega:when test="$mode-input">     <pega:include name="Messages"/>     <input type=text onpaste="return false;"      name="<pega:reference name="$this-name" />"      value="<pega:reference name="$this-value" />"      size="16" maxlength="16"      <pega:include name="Attributes" />     <pega:include name="ClientValidation"/>     id="<pega:reference name="$this-Definition(pyPropertyName)" mode="NORMAL" />" /> </pega:when> <pega:otherwise>     <b><pega:reference name="$this-value"/></b> </pega:otherwise> </pega:choose>


My custom control can show missing require field error message correctly as expected like pxTextInput does. But if I enter the value that will be failed at validation, my custom control cannot show error message like pxTextInput. Please see picture in attached document.

How to set my custom control to behave like pxTextInput? I tried to find the jsp code of pxTextInput but I cannot find it.

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