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How to create custom Treatment


is it possible to create Custom Treatment in Pega Marketing 8.3 and use them into an offer flow?


We need to send a "complex" Push notification, whitout the ootb capabilities offer by Pega, via API.The push object is a complex object that contains a template for iOS or Android + custom HTML body

All the elements will be delivered (push + HTML) withing the same body to a mobile App and displayed as different thing (normal push notification + persited HTML message inside the app).

I can create a custom table with all the details of my treatment and select them based on Strategy, but I want if possible to avoid customization in the treatment management.

How can I create a treatment where I can add different custom fields like:

  • title
  • body
  • icon
  • link to URL
  • OS (iOS/Android)

and for the HTML template

  • title
  • body
  • icon



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