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How to create a Data Table in Pega 7.4.0?.


I tried creating a Data Table in Pega 7.4.0. I went to Designer Studio -> Data model -> Data Tables -> Data Tables.

I don't see Create a New Data Table option here. It says, " Data Tables have been replaced by the new local data storage format. Please click 'Convert' on each data table to convert them into the new format. To create storage for a new data type, go to the Data Explorer. ".

I found these steps online:

Configuring localdatastorage

Localdatastorage lets you store data records for a data type without having to manually create or maintain database tables. Localdatastorage is used with a data type's record editor. Access localdatastorage on the Sources tab for the data type in the Data Designer.

Use the LocalDataStorage wizard to create a localdata source:

  1. Click Datain the Data Explorer.
  2. Click the data type.
  3. Click Sources.
  4. Click Create a local source.
  5. Configure the source for the record editor to use.
  6. Review localdatastorage properties.
  7. Once the wizard finishes, you may see a warning that the system could not generate a dedicated database table for this data type. Refer to Fixing database table generation for more information.

But I don't see anything called Data in the left panel, I see Data types in the left panel.

Went into the Data types option and tried to create a new data type, by doing, Data types -> click on the down arrow beside Data types, -> click on Add data type option available in the drop down.

But then I was thinking that, this data type and data table may not be the same one.

so I didn't create any data types.

Can anyone guide me creating a new data table in Pega 7.4.0?.

Please and thanks in advance.

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