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Durga Vara Prasad Narayana Rao Bali (DurgaVaraprasadB)

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Posted: June 21, 2018
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How to create a page or pass params from one thread to another


For one requirement we are displaying a list data page with Report definition and two drop downs on one Tab . When ever user changes the options of the drop downs we are refreshing the list by passing parameters or referring clipboard properties. But the page size for pagination is 10 here. There is also a button "SeeAllitems". When user clicks this button, what ever the list they are seeing should be opened in another new Tab with 100 items per page.

We are able to achieve this using Listview, but not with RD. As Listview is deprecated we have to use the RD only. So, the issue here is we are not able to pass the drop down values to new tab. We tried with parameter page, Clipboard page etc, but not able to get the values in new tab, so the RD is displaying empty results. How to overcome this issue? Any suggestions?

We are referring the RD in Data Page and using this Data Page in grid layout. In the RD we are using one function alias for our query (dynamic query). If we are able to create a page in the new tab from the current tab then our problem will be solved. Please assist me in this.

Thanks in advance.

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