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How to create an XML file and attach it to a case


Here is the basic requirement : create an XML file from data existing in a case and attach this file to the case. Once it's attached users can download it and do what they have to do wtth it (mail it to someone who will make use of it basically - it's not for an real integration; it's all done by hand past this point).

Using a provided XSD we ran the wizard to create a complex data structure and the related XML Stream rule.

So we can create an XML stream representing the data we pulled from our case and input into instances of our data structure.

Then we used a File Connect method to call a Connect File rule in order to create a file containing the XML stream?

And then... what? The file is created on the server but we still have to attach it to the case.

I intended to use the AttachFile Activity but I have to reference a Rule-Binary-File instance in order to do so, right?

I'm pretty much stuck and would appreciate any help here. Thanks.


Frédéri Pochard

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