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Posted: July 25, 2016
Last activity: July 28, 2016

How to customize the grouping of properties in Data explorer

The list of properties that appear in the data explorer can be restricted by the use of the data transform pyReportEditorProperties as suggested in the post:

Now, when we use the data transform, the properties appear in the grouping as designed in the application. i.e. if there is an embedded page "CustomerDetails". All the properties inside the embedded page (FirstName, LastName etc) appear as items in the "CustomerDetails" folder. Now, is there a way we can show the properties without any folders so that the data explorer shows a flat list of properties?

If we can show them in any custom folders (i.e. we can show any property inside any folder we want. Ex: FirstName and LastName appear under a folder "CustomerName"), it would be ever better.

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