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How to decrease the urgencies of assignment residing in a Workbasket

Hi, I have a requirement where we need to decrease the urgencies of assignment residing in a workbasket. The urgencies got increased due to one SLA which was wrong and corrected so that future cases will not have artificial increased urgencies. Now for existing cases we want to bring the urgencies from 40 to 25 so that GMU work properly. The problem here is pyUrgencyAssignAdjust which I am setting to negative value (-15) so that pxUrgencyAssign value comes from 40 to 25. But pyUrgencyAssignAdjust is not taking negative value due to one Edit Validate rule IsUrgencyValue. My question is why this Edit validate is added to pyUrgencyAssignAdjust property? I save pyUrgencyAssignAdjust in our own ruleset and remove the validation but I am wondering if there is any negative impact of this.

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