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Posted: July 8, 2019
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How to decrypt PropertyEncrypt

I have created a cipher to be able to encrypt properties. (it is a requirement on the project)
I am currently just testing how this feature works in my own test environment.
TextEncrypted property types works without problems. When used with ShowTextEncryptedPropertyValue it is shown on the UI if the referenced Access when is true, otherwise it is masked on the UI. It stays encrypted on the clipboard.

For another Property I have created PropertyEncrypt Access Control Policy.
It is encrypted in the Data Base.
My question is, how can I show the decrypted value on the UI?
In the help section this is stated:
PropertyEncrypt – The property is encrypted in the database, clipboard, logs, and search indexes. If no PropertyRead policy obfuscates the property, then the decrypted property value is visible to the user in a UI control. In report definitions, the property can be displayed in report results and can also be referenced on the left side of filter conditions that use the Is equal and Is not equal operators. It cannot otherwise be referenced in report definitions (for example, to sort, rank, or group results in SQL functions, and so forth).

For me If I try to show PropertyEncrypted property on the UI, it is still encrypted. Even after I have created a PropertyRead access control policy for it.

So in short:
1. I have a property lets call it ABACTest
2. I have created a PropertyEncrypt Access Control Policy for this ABACTest property.
3. It is encrypted, in the data base and on the clipboard and on the UI too.
3. I want to be able to show it on the UI for people who have the rights to see it. (added a PropertyRead access conrtol policy too)

But even if a person is able to see it, currently they see the encrypted value. How do I show the decrypted value on the UI?

Thank you in advance for the help!

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