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Jose Navas (josenavas)

josenavas Member since 2013 33 posts
Posted: December 7, 2020
Last activity: December 8, 2020

How to define custom series values in a chart


I'm trying to create a Pie chart sourced by a report definition:

Report definition source

As you can wonder, I'm calling two sub-reports to summarize the data and present it in the main report.

Based on the data above, I'm unable to create a pie chart in Pega because the pie chart ootb data source requires a Wedges data where I can only select "Open cases" or "Active cases" (not both)... I also tried tweaking the Wedges tab with no luck. With this configuration, I can only get a pie chart with a single color depending if I selected Open cases or Active cases which is not desired.

I wonder how can I do something similar to how a Pie chart in Excel works:

Excel chart

As you can see, I think Excel uses a single series with custom values for that series.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome :)



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