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How to define two SLA timeliness for an assignment

Is there way to define two SLA's on single assignment ?..

The usecase is , There are two different actions to be performed on an assignment at different SLA timeliness, one SLA is for Advance the flow and second SLA is sending notification reminders.

We thought of made subflow with assignment and define flow level sla to send notifications and another SLA at assignment level to advance the flow.

The multiple assignments gets created in the context of Data- using Split-For-Each and flow level SLA isn't working if SLA rule is present only in Data- layer(applies to class of flow) so we had to create two SLA rules ,one rule in data- layer to avoid the compile error and other one in work- layer which gets picked during run time , since SLA escalation event gets triggered in work- context and it's difficult to find the customer who holds the assignment to send notification.

Why PRPC is expecting SLA rule in work- layer when process rule is applies to Data- .? If it's expected behaviour then how to address the above usecase .

PRPC :7.3.1

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