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Posted: April 9, 2018
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How to deploy a package from Pega Robotic Studio 8.0 to Package Server (on a different machine)


I am trying to deploy a package from my machine which has Pega Robotic Automation Studio to Pega package Server which is on a different machine.

I am using Project --> "deploy Project" from the menu in Studio and in the "Deploy to:" option I am providing the Package server URL: http://<hostname>:7000

I also select the "Publish to Server" option. (Please note that my Package Server is running on port 7000 and STS is on port 5000 on a different machine that robotic studio).

The error I get is : Invalid command line switch for "OSD.exe". URI formats are not supported.

If you cannot specify the URL of Package Server then what should be specified there??

I have the following settings in RuntimeConfig.xml (on Studio)


<!-- PackageServer baseUrl: Address of the Package Server API endpoint. -->
<PackageServer baseUrl="http://<my hostname>:7000"/>

==>CommonConfig.xml has following settings:

<ServerConfiguration tenant="TenantName">
<Server name="RobotManager" baseURL="http://<my hostname>:13080/prweb" enabled="true" proxyAddress="" RPA="true" authenticationType="Basic" workgroup="Claims" robotName="<my Pega package Server Hosrname>"/>
<Server name="Config" baseURL="" enabled="false" proxyAddress=""/>
<Server name="Intelligence" baseURL="" enabled="false" proxyAddress=""/>
<Server name="IdP" baseURL="" enabled="false" proxyAddress=""/>

Please let me know if there is a step by step document that suggests how to deploy package from Studio to package server.



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