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How to disable a localized ruleset(other than Delete ruleset option)

We have tried to implement localization for application on pilot basis & later on decided to not to localize application for other reasons

Steps performed:

  1. Localized few of the selected rulesets like MyApp_fr, MyAppFW_fr etc containing language specialized field value rules
  2. Tested changes with French user(operator locale marked with fr_FR), changes working fine(displaying localized labels, titles, captions etc in UI)
  • Localized rulesets are auto-picked in rule resolution by PEGA platform as per default behavior
  • Localized rulesets MyApp_fr, MyAppFW_fr etc are not included in application ruleset stack as PEGA takes care of picking them in rule resolution by default

Now we want to disable localization so that even french users get to see the base language(English) labels, titles, captions etc in UI upon their login.

We do not want to delete the rulesets MyApp_fr, MyAppFW_fr from application/system and yet want to find out a way to disable localization(not allowing PEGA to pick localized rulesets in rule resolution by default for a french user)

Approaches tried:

  • Tried to set the 'Effective Start Date' value in a ruleset form(for above-localized rulesets) to a longer date(for e.g. 01-Jan-2099), so that rules in these rulesets will not be effective. This solution is not working for some reason.

Please suggest workarounds.





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