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Posted: December 6, 2017
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How to display Optimistinc locking error message on Harness (without using save action)

Hi All, I am not able to display the optimistic locking error message section pzShowConflicts Section on my harness.

I have a requirement to validate a property on click of save and if there is no error on page then I have to save the case. Also on save I have to check for any recent updates on case (We are using Optimistic Locking).


on save button actions i have used refresh section wrote an activity to use .

1. obj-validate

2. (When :If not has messages) call DoSave

So my question is Since i use DoSave it triggers pyShowconflicts activity and sets the .pyCaseupdateinfo.pyNewMessage and the pyCaseupdateInfo.pyShowContinue . Though all the properties needed for the pzShowConflicts (Section Work-) are set, the section is still not displayed on the screen.

i have tried using Refresh-Current-harness in my save button action set after the refresh section calling the activity. Still no luck .

I have tried using only save-action on my save button then i am able to see the error section.

So Can some one please help me on what am I missing.

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