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Posted: October 4, 2019
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How to display/print expandable rows in pdf (htmmltopdf)

Hello all,

We use HTMLtoPDF to generate PDF's and ftp them. In this process one of the requirement is to show a list and under each list, an explanation of the list item above. I thought of using the repeat grid with an expandable row which ideally should fulfill this requirement if we are displaying this on the UI. However, with HTMLtoPDF, the expandable rows are not being displayed on the pdf.

I am looking for something like below. We can do this on UI with expandable rows on repeat grid. How can we achieve this on PDF. Thanks in advance

Product Name Company Category

1. Iphone Apple Electronics

Description: Iphone is cellular phone first created by Apple Inc. It has the most market share in the world with over 10 billion iphones currently in use. This is expensive phone

2. Model X Tesla Transport

Description: Founded by Elon Musk, Tesla makes cars that are 100% electric in addition to other products. Model X is Tesla's SUV and one of the costliest cars out there





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