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How To Divide Work Among Multiple VMs

Question on how to go about diving work up among multiple VMs/Bots.. Our current setup is to have a "parent" automation that takes an excel file that the user sends as input, and run each row of data into a "child" automation that performs work within a website using that data. This works fine on one VM, but if the excel file is 500 rows long, we're wondering if there is a way to divide the work up among multiple bots/vms.

Previously, the "parent" automation was creating actual child cases, and we had the automation sitting on multiple vms, listening for a case to be created/an activity to be started, which gave us the functionality of utilizing multiple VMs. However, this caused us to lose the ability to tell when all the "children" of a specific worksheet were done running and perform some post-child-completion work. Is there a way to combine the best of both worlds, where we can divide work among multiple VMs, but still tell when all the parts of a single request/excel file are complete so that we can perform the final/closing work?

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