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Lenka Rolinek (rolil)
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Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: May 3, 2020
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How do associate queue processor item ID (param.pxItemID) with the details provided on processor landing page (e.g. data flow)

According to Queue-For-Processing help: 

The system queues the page to the embedded Kafka data instance. This occurs immediately or upon the next Commit method run, depending on the Write Now setting. The queue processor picks up this item from the queue and processes the activity configured. A unique ID is generated to represent the ItemID and is available on the parameter page as the parameter, pxItemID.


Can the returned ItemID (param.pxItemID) be used to find out info/details on execution somewhere, e.g. Queue Processor landing page ?  If so this would be great!  From what I can see data flow details are about messages and their IDs, I cannot see any references to pxItemID there...  I can only see details for broken queue items, I cannot see any details for queue items that were successfully processed (e.g. when was the queue item executed, how long the execution took etc...)

What can I use the returned ItemID for ?

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