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Posted: December 9, 2020
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Posted: 9 Dec 2020 6:45 EST
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How do I configure a field that is referencing a data object as read-only without using a view?


In my case type, the user adds income information in the 'collect income details' step. For this, I have created a field called 'Sources of Income' and connected it to a data object called 'Income Source (Faisal)' to pull the fields from it. It is configured as multiple records so the user can add multiple items. 

Enter income details

The information that is entered is then pulled through in the 'approve documentation' step. I have reused the Sources of Income field with the intention of configuring it as read-only. The user is still able to add and delete items which is not what I want. Also, added items appear as blank which I don't understand the purpose of. 

Pulled details with add and delete buttons on approve documentation step

Approve documentation step configuration

As you can see, while the data object fields are configured as read-only, the main one is configured as 'Optional'. How do I make that read-only? As I feel that is affecting it. It is automatically configured like that and it won't allow me to change it. 

On the 'review changes' step the add/delete buttons aren't there which is what I want. It has worked through using a view which has been configured as read-only and this has logically made everything in it, including the Sources of Income field read-only (despite the fact that the configurations of the fields are Optional). 

Pulled details with no buttons on review changes step

Review changes step configuration

Please advise if anyone has a solution for this. 



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