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How do I show a custom page when a public user's session times out?

I have a couple of custom portals for use by public users, i.e. they don't have to have sign on credentials for the application. Since their interactions require certain privileges, I wrote custom authentication services to handle this. This all works great.

However, I cannot get session timeouts to work properly. I set a timeout on the access groups involved. I then tried to see what I could get with OOTB functionality by using LDAPAuthenticationTimeout and LogOff. The tracer revealed in both instances that the timeout happened, but in both instances the busy indicator just kept on cycling on the screen. In the trace log for LDAPAuthenticationTimeout, I could see that the activity was being called, but things went nowhere after that with some inexplicable authentication policy errors. Things looked worse for the LogOff activity, because I could see my custom authentication policy was being called again after the timeout processing and this was then failing.

I then tried to roll my own custom timeout activity:

step 1

rest of steps

At least this resulted in a new page being displayed:

screen shot

But I am unable to control this page. No matter what I try with different HTML rules, this is the page that always displays.

Hence my question: how can I get a my custom timeout page to display here? Preferably with a "start over" link?

By the way, I searched the community sites, but couldn't find any information that was useful. Most of the information was for much older versions anyway.

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