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How do I wait for screen to refresh without using pauses, in mainframe?

Currently, we are automating in the mainframe (QWS3270) using the GenericWinHllapi adapter.

We are using pauses to wait for the screen to refresh and then check the status line for specific texts and then progress to the next steps from there. (See attachment for details).

We currently wait/pause 1 second before checking the status. Is there another method(s), without using pauses, to wait for the screen to refresh, and then grab the change? We tried using the TextChanged WaitForEvent, but that doesn't work (we have submitted a defect ticket against that, already).

One concern was that, what if the mainframe takes 3 seconds to refresh, or 10 seconds, or x number of seconds. So, instead of using explicit waits/pauses, is there another way to do this?

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