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Posted: October 12, 2018
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How do you reassign a Lead to a different operator?

I am working on trying to re-assign a Lead to another operator. The scenario is as follow:

A Lead has been assigned to operator X, but he wants to reassign it to operator Y. So in the view where it lists all the leads assigned to Operator X, he just needs to click a button that prompts him to select the intended operator, in this case operator Y, click Ok/Submit, and thus the Lead is now assigned to operator Y, and will show up in operator Y's work list, no longer in operator X's.

I understand we can use the Bulk Process method that Pega has supplied, but I want it so that the operator can directly hit a button and select the intended operator, instead of having to be redirected to a different page and do the re-assignment there.

I thought of creating a section that is triggered when pressing the button, and this section will prompt the operator to select the intended operator, and from there the activity pxTransferAssignment is run (using action), but I'm quite confused what to set as the parameter and what other necessary steps to make the reassignment work since I can't make it work by just putting the action on the button.

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