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Posted: August 7, 2018
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How does Pega Support to Complex Corporation Lyfecycles?


I am completelly new to PEGA and just started doing a course(Business Architect Esentials). As I am on the beggining of the course, just building up some sample Cases, I was kind of modifying and seeing my changes reflected on the end application quite fast, which is nice in many ways, but can be challenging on big corporations which have quality assurance in place through several lyfecycles(dev,qat,uat,prd,...).

I was wondering which kind of offering does Pega have for a customer with this kind of demand. For example, let us say I have a case implemented. What would be the appropriate setup to have it promoted accross diferent lyfecycles? I would need to have a PEGA Server configured per environment and would need to push the changes among them? Is there any specific product feature to support on that matter?

If so, could you point me to some documentation/education that would clarifie that?

Please forgive me if my question was too stupid! :-)



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