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How to export report as a file to share it with other users


In most of the Pega OOTB application we have the reporting module. The reporting module contains the category. The categories are either public or private, or a custom category.

Due to security and confidentiality, and in B2B context, we want each client to be able to share reports with its own group and colleagues.

Thus it will require us to create category for each client and secure these objects via ABAC. This is cumbersome and we will need to customize a lot of OOTB rules.

Thus an alternative put on the table. Is to allow the end users to import/export the definition (skeleton) of the report and send it to someone else via email. this way we don't touch the OOTB and the users can share the reports without sharing the data.
Example of what we are suggesting to develop:

  • UserA designs a report
  • Click share and downloads the report as file (encryption etc...)
  • Use B Clicks import report and imports the designed reports into its own private category

Is there an OOTB to export the reports defined in Pega, as they are simply rules in a ruleset.



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