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How to Get Enter Key to click the Submit Button


I am trying to configure a Text Field, so that when Enter is clicked, it simulates the 'Submit' button being clicked.

I have configured the Behavior as: Event: Keyboard-Enter  Action : Refresh Section, Run Activity "Search".

However when I hit Enter in the field, it kicks off the Flow Action, instead of Refreshing the Screen and running the Activity.

When I look at Tracer, the first line is

pyActivity = SubmitModalFlowAction

What IS working, is configuring this same action on a Button.

For the button, I set the Onclick Behavior to Refresh the Section, and the Run the Activity "Search".

It works fine.

When I look at Tracer, the first line is

pyActivity = ReloadSection.

So, how do I get the ENTER action, to work correctly on a Text field, like it does on a Button?

Instead of calling FlowAction, it should be calling ReloadSection

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