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Kiran Kumar (KiranKumar_Kunuru)
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Posted: November 14, 2017
Last activity: November 20, 2017

How to get the Parent Org unit for the current Org unit of operator

Hi All,

Any OOTB helps in getting the parent Org unit for the current operator Org unit, if Org structure has multiple Org units as parent-child under division.

Let's assume Org structure as below:

Org is Org_X, Division are Div_X, Org Units are OrgU_A,OrgU_X,OrgU_Y,OrgU_Z.

Now division Div_X has OrgU_A as a Org Unit and OrgU_A has OrgU_X,OrgU_Y and OrgU_Z as sub units.

If the operator chosen to be under OrgU_Y Org unit, how can I get the Parent Org Unit (OrgU_A)?

Attached the screen shot for more details.

Please share if any thoughts.

Thank you!

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