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Posted: April 24, 2020
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how to handle the visibity of sections present in pycaseactionarea of Interaction class from pycaseactionarea of service case clas

Hi ,

We recenty migrated our enviroment to pega version 8.3 with Customer service frame work .

Scenrio and Context

1) when we create an interaction perfrom harness ->CPMperfromInculdes-> pycaseactionArea of Interaction class gets loaded.

2) when we create service cases for that interaction . perfrom harness ->CPMPerfromInculdes-> pycaseactionArea of the work class gets embeded inside pyCaseActionArea of the Interaction Class

(Attached the Live UI snap shot )

Now we have few application specific sections which we are showing inside CPMperfromInculdes /pycaseactionArea of Interaction class and it has to be show only we are in interaction context / only when interactions are created .

when we start creating the service cases . we should hide few application specific sections which are there in the CPMperfromInculdes / pycaseActionArea of the Interaction class .

how to achevie this requirment ?

Challenges which i am facing now

1)both service case and the Interactions are in different thread context .

****though we have D_CSrecents datapage which provides a linkage .which i can use them in visibity conditons in interaction class section ***

2) how to refresh the pefrominculdes section of Interaction class as soon service case gets created . becase only perfrom harness and the sections of service case work class is getting refreshed when we create a service case.

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