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Andrey Ostrovskiy (AndreyOstrovskiy)

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Posted: April 27, 2020
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How HTML Fragment "CustomValidators" works in Cosmos UI?


We are using Pega 8.4 with Cosmoc UI in it. In our application we have custom functions on javascript. They are added to HTML Fragment "CustomValidators".

When case has been load, on live UI we have structure like Review Harness and under it Perform Harness . With this structure HTML Fragment "CustomValidators" didn't load.

But, if on the left panel on the screen, we click on "Edit" button the HTML Fragment "CustomValidators" are loaded and the structure on live UI consists only Perform Harness .

Then we click "Actions" and go to our flow action. In this way validation works fine. But, if we refresh the section, HTML Fragment "CustomValidators" hasn't load again and nothing works. The structure on live UI again became Review Harness and under it Perform Harness . Some screenshots attached.

How can we implement, that HTML Fragment "CustomValidators" have to load, when case has been load?

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