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Martin Conboy (CONBM)
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Posted: April 29, 2016
Last activity: May 19, 2016

How to install an SSL/TLS Certificate on Pega IAC Gateway (Web Mashup)

My customer wishes to embed Pega functionality in their company portal for their end-users to access. So we are using Pega Internet Application Gateway (IAC), 'prgateway' to implement a Gadget which can be embedded into the customer's webpage. So far so good. However, the customer wishes to use SSL, and their network architecture has an IBM application called "DataPower" situated between the server where prgateway is to run and the PRPC system. So the network architecture looks like this:

End-User's browser -> Customer's portal with Pega Gadget -> prgateway -> IBM DataPower -> Pega PRPC.

The prgateway is installed Ok, and we can connect to the IAC Console on it with a browser. So, we go to 'Host Configuration' and start configuring a host, providing the URL of the DataPower system (which will relay the connection on to PRPC). AT this point we run into trouble. When click "Test Connection" we get red lights and the error message "Since this is a secure connection, SSL certificates need to be added in Gateway TrustStore, click install SSL certificates".

And, next to the 'PRPC Host URL' textbox two new icons have appeared, 'View certificate chain' and 'Trust this site'. When click 'View certificate chain', the correct certificate information appears, showing Issued To and Issued By information. But, when click 'Trust this site' an error message appears "Could not retrieve following CA certificate(s) from the server, install them manually: 1. <the correct certificate info here>".

So the questions:

1. Has anyone else had problems installing SSL certificates in IAC Gateway Console?

2. I have installed 'OpenSSL' on my development system, connected to the DataPower URL and successfully downloaded the SSL certificate. Does anyone know how to go about manually installing this in the Pega IAC Gateway?

Thanks for any help

Martin Conboy

System Administration Installation and Deployment
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