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How to know RDA usage

One of our prospects asking us on how we could know RDA usage, not RPA, working on 3,000 PCs. "RDA usage" here can mean: "How many users are actually using RDA in the year?", "How many times was the RDA used among all 3,000 PCs in a day/week/month/year?", etc. Can we somehow take such information systematically?

The things that comes to my mind is:

(1) Log4Net Publisher ... Can it be a realistic approach? There are too many files across 3,000 PCs, and too many rows even in the single log file.
(2) Manually-created counter ... In the Automation logic, we can outputs some execution log to the external file share or something.
(3) Workforce Intelligence ... Can it be used also for monitoring Robotics activities?
(4) Robot Manager ... As for counting Automation executions, I think Robot Manager can just be used for RPA, not RDA.

Which approach is reasonable? Or do we have a better option?

Robotic Process Automation
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