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Cloe Walker (CloeW938)
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Posted: January 21, 2021
Last activity: January 23, 2021

How to launch a specific harness with full portal using Snap Start


When user logs in, the defaulted landing page is "My Work" as below.

Default Landing Page

I want to launch other harness, such as Pulse only when accessed via different URL. For this, I have tried Snap Start. I thought "showHarness" may work for this purpose. Please see below help for the syntax.


If I understand correctly, the Snap Start string should look like:


However, when I enter above string in the URL, I got below error.

Snap Start Error

According to the error, it seems to be looking for @baseclass, instead of Data-Portal class.

Another attempt I tried is using doUIAction activity. I have created an activity under @baseclass, named "ShowCustomHarness" and configured it as below.


Then I tried below URL:


This time, I was able to open Data-Portal.pyPulse harness, but without full portal. This is not what I want.. I want an entire portal just like when I normally log in to the system.

Snap Start Error 2

Actually I found the same questions on Pega Community, but none of them were answered. Can anyone please let me know a solution?




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