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Hariharan Iswarya (HISWARYA)

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Posted: December 19, 2019
Last activity: January 7, 2020

How to log a value in a external table (or PEGA log) when each rule (any rule type) is executed ?

We are using PRPC version v7.3.1, we have currently 50000+ rules, 6000+ test cases and the change made in one rule is impacting the other, it is difficult to track the impact made in changing a rule, we are not using Pega unit test cases, as we have started our application in v6,

We need to track the below

1. Impacted test cases for a rule

2. Rules impacted for a test case.

We have tried to capture the rules impacted for a test case by running tracer in the backend in a dedicated server for web/API/SLA, but running tracer for different requestors / scenarios is making the server crash, This will work if we have less number of scenarios.

Can you please suggest a solution apart from tracing for making an entry in a external table/log by any other means, with the rule name/ ruletype and impacted test case whenever a rule is executed from automation/manual

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