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How to maintain each session unique when multiple browser tabs are launched?

Requirement :

1. User clicks on "Forgot Username" on login page.
2. I need to display a screen (Screen1) where he enters his email and other data
3. A recovery link has to be sent to his email. I need to display a screen (Screen2) where there is a confirmation message that recovery link is sent and a button "Resend Link"
if the user has not recieved the recovery link
4. User clicks on the recovery link in his email, a new screen (Screen3) has to be displayed where he will validate his details like name, security question, answer etc
5. After validating the data, I need to retrieve the username from the database and display in the next screen (Screen4)

Design :

1. When user clicks on "Forgot Username" on login page, am launching a Flow (which has all the sections and logic to form a recovery link and send the link to an email)
Note : When "Forgot Username" is clicked on Web-Login HTML rule, an authentication service is triggered. In the authentication activity,
am authenticating an operator. In the starting activity of the operator, am calling an activity which will eventually call the flow rule.

2. When user clicks on the Recovery link in the email, am launching another flow to display Screen3, validate the data and eventually retrieve the username from the d atabase.
Note : Am reusing the authentication service created in Step1 to launch the flow.

Issue :

1. While testing, I navigate till Screen2. I close the browser now, and click on recovery link in the email, and now Screen3 is displayed. No issues in this scenario.
2. I navigate till Screen2. I do not close the browser, and click on recovery link in the email. A new tab has to be opened in the browser and Screen3 should
be displayed. But the section which is in Screen2 is displayed again in the new tab.

Could you please help on how to resolve this issue?

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