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How to match the customer response to the right offer?


I'm trying to implement a decision strategy in PEGA 7.2.1 that captures the customer response and saves this to interaction history.

My flow works like this:

1. A first decision strategy decides which offers to provide to the customer

2. Those offers are shown to the customer in a single case, using a repeat grid lay-out

3. In the UI the customer selects which offer(s) he want to accept, using buttons. When a customer clicks the button the properties .SelectedOffer and .Response are filled

4. A second decision strategy is called to save the response to interaction history

Steps 1-3 all work fine, the problem I have left is in step 4. How can I match the .Response property with the .pyOutcome property for the .pyName?

At the moment the response in .Response gets saved in the .pyOutcome for all offers, without checking which offer(s) it belongs to. How to fix this?

In the example I saw in Decisioning for System Architects module this matching is done by a filter component which says .pyName = .SelectedOffer, but when I do this no results at all are send to Interaction History.

Any ideas how to solve this?


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