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How the Materialized IH summary dataset behave in Producion environment

Hi all,

We planned to use Materialized IH Summary datasets in our application. As per the requirement, we need to read the complete IH records (Time Period set to 'All time') with proper filter conditions and aggregations, so that the dataset will return a smaller number of IH records. There will be around 50 datasets in the application. In one strategy, we import around 20 datasets to check different contention rules.

In the Production environment, all outbound communications will be done as part of Batch execution and all inbound communications will be done with real-time API calls. Also, there will some real-time API calls to capture the responses from customers. Hence, while Batch is running, we will be hitting with real-time API calls. As we are planned to use Materialized IH Summary datasets, they will be aggregated when there is a new IH inserted each time.

I have some questions about performance in the Production environment:

  1. While the batch is running and in parallel aggregating of dataset will also happen. How will this impact the Batch run performance?
  2. What sort of a performance impact would a growing IH cause while using an "Import Interaction history summary" shape in strategies (As I mentioned above, we use around 20 datasets in a strategy)

Thanks in advance,


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