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Posted: August 25, 2020
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Posted: 25 Aug 2020 2:04 EDT
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How a new portal that uses tabs to have several cases opened can be created in version 8.4?


I have a requirement to create a new portal in which the user can open NBAA cases and have several of them opened in tabs.

NBAA application is built on CustomerServiceForComms version 8. Only NBAA is licensed and we work only with LocalOfferAdvisor cases.

I've looked into CPMInteraction Portal, but the tabs feature is build on a deprecated way and some of the sections can't be saved as.

So I've created a new portal (UI Pages inherits from CPM-Portal) with only head and content. 

In the head section there's a customer search that launches the Create new work in a dynamic container.

In the content i've placed a section which has a dynamic layout sourced by a list (in which I stored information about threads that contains NBAA work objects in pyWorkPage) and the section included has a dynamic container with a harness embedded in which the section to present the work object is placed (using a data page to recover the information of the actual element of the list).

I have two main issues with this approach:

  1. I need to feed one initial element to the list that sourced the dynamic layout to show the tabs when portal is open  
  2. When a new case is created, it's opened but tabs are not refreshed (even if it is already placed on the list)

Can someone help me to address this?

Thanks in advance

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