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Posted: December 26, 2016
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How to output the logs of activity called via HTTP connection


I would like to ask how to output the logs when using Pega's activity from an external system via HTTP connection.
(Actually I am trying it where server and client exist together inside Pega.)
As you see in the figure below, I want to know why the Log-Message step in Activity(A) doesn't work when the Activity(B) runs.

I already confirmed that the Activity(A) worked fine when Activity(A) called it.
But still Log-Message step in Activity(A) is not working. I couldn't find the logs about Activity(A) in a log file.
Other circumstances are as follows.
  1. Incase I execute Activity(A) directly, Log-Message step in Activity(A) works fine and I can find the log in log file.
   2.I case I execute the Service HTTP related to the Activity(A), Log-Message step in Activity(A) works fine.
   3.In case I execute the Activity(B), a Log-Message step in Activity(A) doesn't work.
   In this case, a Log-Message step in Activity(B) works fine.

I had tried following but couldn't resolved this issue.
   1.Set any kinds of log levels in Log-Message step.
   2.Set any kinds of log levels log the logger.
   3.Added the logger information of the Activity(A) in the prlogger.xml file.

Through HTTP connection, it seems that Activity is called but output no log.
Please let me know how to output the log of Activity(A).

Thank you.
Yuki Ichikaw

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