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How to parse a variable with a specific format name=value delimited by a semicolon in a DF

Hi all, 

I have a data flow that process information from Kafka and stores it in the oracle's database. The strategy loads these properties from a Data type class mapped to the DDBB tables. One of this fields contains properties that are also needed in the strategy with this specific format:


How can this be achieved? 

I could...

  • Use Pega functions to split the information based in the characters and positions of each property and then save it in DDBB.
  • Convert in JSON format (again with pega functions), use a JSON DT which will do the mapping automatically. *This required add an activity to the DF to call JSON DT and save the properties in DDBB. 

I am not convinced by any of these options: The first doesn't seem like a good option from a maintenance perspective and the second is to add, perhaps, unnecessary complexity to the DF. 

So, any idea/help on this matter will be appreciate!!

Thanks in advance  




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