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Vikash Sarawgi (VikashS9)
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Posted: November 15, 2017
Last activity: November 9, 2018

How to pass Not Allowed characters in Json

I have requirement where user fills up text Area in a form. User can hit enter button to change line, Tab button for spaces, etc on the text Area. We are passing the field values to External Service using Json. Now if user hits Json Not Allowed Special Char viz Backspace, FormFeed, new line, Tab, BackSlash etc throws error that " Cannod decode..... Input String Reader Error". I want to escape these special char. When I use the function @Utilities.encodeURL(PageName.PropertyName) for the field, it works but then it converts all the special characters to different characters for. e.g. all spaces are converted to + sign, all the commas are converted to % etch which we don't want.

I tried to replace \n or \t etc with some text value, but that also didn't help.

Any idea how can this be done.

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