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How pass value from java script to param page

Below is the scenario:

1. On click of button, JS function is calledro run a activity

2. From the activity a return value passed to Java script

3. Now from Java script, I need to pass the value to Pega Parameter page

Please let me know the ways.

JS Function : ( Note: I am using below function in Mobile scripts)

function CallActivityCheckCase(className, activityName, CaseID) {
var ActivityPath = className + "." + activityName;
var OSafeURL = new SafeURL();
OSafeURL.put("CaseID", CaseID);
var IsCaseReassignOrUnassign;
pega.u.d.ServerProxy.executeBreakoutCall(ActivityPath, OSafeURL, {
success: function(data) {
IsCaseReassignOrUnassign = JSON.stringify(data);
if (IsCaseReassignOrUnassign == "true")
alert("Task is no longer available in your workbasket");
// Here I need to pass the values to param page
failure: function() { },
scope: window

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