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Suresh Mettu (SureshM5078)
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Posted: April 12, 2018
Last activity: April 13, 2018

how to perform click on an anchor tag which is in a table

hi team,

i have a situation where a html table consists of an anchor tab which changes dynamically i.e. if i interrogate the anchor tag directly then it is of no use when i run the automation for second time.

what i did was i have interrogated the table in the web application with the help of html table design and now i want to do perform click method on the anchor tag which is present inside the cell of the table.

i am not sure how to do perform click on the anchor tag that is inside the cell of the table. please guide me on that.(i have uploaded the screenshot, in the screenshot i want to click on ganaRPA7777 which is an anchor tag, it is an invoice number which changes dynamically but the cell in which the invoice anchor tag is present will be the same).



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