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How to Prevent Tomcat auto restart in the LSA App Build 7.31 virtual machine ?

Hello All,

I would like to share my experience in managing tomcat server inside the Pega LSA 7.31 Linux Lite VM used for App Build exam and in the LSA 7.3/7.4 Course. The problem is that if i need to modify the tomcat configuration and i stop tomcat this is restarted automatically.

This is due to a configuration of the tomcat in the VM, there is a daemon service called tomcat.service inside it.

I share the steps to disable the tomcat server and how to re-enable in case you need the automatism back.

  • TO NOTE: I suggest this command for user who have a certain experience with Unix administration. Use it with care if you are not an expert in this area.

The following instructions tells you how to disable its auto-restart which is annoying if you need to perform some setup on the tomcat configuration, (for example delete the marker file in the temp directory). The way is: disable the tomcat service.

  1. We need use the command systemctl that is available in the distribution of Linux lite
  2. To check the status of the service you can use the command service, that is available as well.
  3. You can use the root user or the same architect user prepending command with sudo.
  4. The commands to use are:
    1. [sudo]service tomcat status, this will give you all the information of the service, like

Image removed.

  1. Using service command you can start/stop tomcat as well, but with user architect you need to prepend with the sudo command:
    1. [sudo] service tomcat stop or start
  2. If instead you to re-enable auto-start you need to re-enable the service: tomcat.service
  3. To act on the service you need to run the command systemctl<cmd>service_name.service where <cmd> can be enable or disable in our case (use sudo if you are not a root user):
    1. [sudo]systemctl disable tomcat.service,:

Image removed.

  1. to enable it you can do with option enable: [sudo] systemctl enable tomcat.service
  2. When the service is enabled, when you use the script ./ to shutdown tomcat (on tomcat’s bin directory) the service will restart it automatically after shutdown.

Image removed.

Hope it helps.


Eliseo Olla

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