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Posted: March 9, 2021
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Posted: 9 Mar 2021 18:59 EST
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How to print contents of popup window

I'm attempting to print the harness displayed in a popup window following the method in this post:

but I'm having trouble following how they implement this, or how they are creating this "method".

I understand method in context of Java, but not in context of Pega. There is no "method" Pega rule, is there?

I created a button, and from the button I created an action set so that when I click I run an activity, and from in the activity I select a java method, and in the java window enter "window.print()" and I get the error message: "window cannot be resolved"

I've tried creating a Function and entering the code from the post, but I cannot get the code to compile. It doesn't like the token "function".

Some other methods i've tried include:

  using the Print action, but it doesn't print what is on screen, it prints something else

 setting the script on the harness that is displayed (from the Scripts & styles tab in the harness) to harness_print, and this prints the right thing, but does so when the window is opened instead of when the button is clicked

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